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Effects of Covid-19 on Healthcare Market

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Since the pandemic started the sudden increased global demand on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) created many problems such as increased prices, logistics problems, PPE delivery delays, manufacturing capacity limitations, shortage of raw materials and impact of Covid-19 restrictions on workforce capacity and many more reasons that we can line-up.

What matters most is how these problems impacts the industry and our healthcare providers. What is needed to be done in order to help and streamline the delivery of PPE to the places needed? And what we can do as a health and medical supplier to help healthcare providers to take care of their patients safely for both sides.

To realize, manage and maintain the PPE supply we work aggressively throughout many channels.

As a third weave of Covid-19 is expected soon; Spefichem for this reason has launched a delivery guarantee program for this Spring and Summer period. Healthcare providers in the program have our assurance that we will meet their specific supply need and will be compensated if there is any delay.

To be ahead of our supply demand, we expanded our manufacturing capacity, diversified new sources of raw materials, and have added new products in our product portfolio.

In order to provide our customers in urgent need we are using TK Plus air freight option to expedite the supply. With service remaining a top priority, one of the factors related to price adjustments is the need to ensure timely delivery and receipt of product in a challenging transportation environment.

Another problem that we all need to get over with is the piling stocks in unneeded places. Therefore, we need to reduce the unnecessarily stocks of PPE in order global capacity does not get diminished, and supply of PPE becomes more effective. To simply the need for example of gowns we, Spefichem have developed 3 kinds of gowns that basically covers all the needed gowns. Which are Visitor gowns (Level 0 and Level 1), Patient and Nursing Gowns (Level 1 and Level 2) and Surgical Gowns (Level 3, Level 4 and Chemotherapy Gowns). All gowns can be delivered Sterile as well as Non-Sterile.

Safety (for every user professional and patient) and product quality are top priority at every decision we make. Spefichem will never not consider any option that would sacrifice safety or product quality.

For us, Spefichem, it is especially important to be a trusted and valued source of continuous supply for our healthcare providers.