About US

Spefichem: is an established, young and dynamic company, sourcing and distributing high quality chemical raw materials, machinery & equipment.
We provide exceptional customer service, from supplying chemical raw materials, providing leading equipment
such as industrial vacuum systems & single-stage PET machines or through our consultancy services for sales and marketing,
business development and purchasing.
With our dedicated team we serve Turkey, Middle East and Europe and are constantly expanding in these areas.
Through our service partners we are providing distribution services to global brands that require local stock with JIT fast and flexible deliveries.
Our philosophy is to build long term relationships with our customers and suppliers where win – win is the focus. Win for our customers with on time deliveries
with high quality materials offering value for money, win for our suppliers who are able to serve their customers through a dedicated partner to distribute the products
We work together to form true partnerships between customer and supplier based on mutual trust, transparency and open communication.

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Arapçeşme Mahallesi, Şehit Oktay Kaya Cad. No:29/A, 41400
Gebze / Kocaeli / Turkey

+90 262 502 1925